Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is! No hidden fees. You get a website with a blog, a professional email address, one year of hosting, and an online payment portal, all for only $50.

We know the offer is too good to be true. We were surprised when we made that decision ourselves. We believe this is our own contribution to bridging the digital divide on the continent as we strive to empower SMEs across Africa with digital skills and tools.

The catch?

As for the "catch", we will:

- Place non-intrusive digital ad banners on your website, and 

- Charge you a 10% processing fee for all financial transactions made through your website.

This ad revenue enables us to keep the fee for the basic plan very low while giving us the leeway to empower more SMEs.

Yes it is. This offer is only open to social enterprises and civil society organizations based and operating in Africa and not associated with entities currently under US economic sanctions. Please click here to find out more about US sanctioned entities.

So long as the domain name is available, yes! You can choose the. com domain name you want, and we'll purchase it for you. Our domain provider is the largest in the world, offering highly secure domains to millions of customers worldwide.

Yes, there are. We believe there's no need to have a website if you're not going to use it. We will evaluate your website's activity all year before unilaterally deciding if we will renew your subscription or not. We will inform you about our position all year, so our final decision doesn't come as a surprise to you.

We only place non-intrusive digital ad banners on your website when you signup for our basic plan. We wouldn't place any ads whatsoever on websites owned by standard and enterprise subscribers. Processing fees still apply across all our offers for all customers who wish to process financial transactions via their website.

Are all subscriptions valid for a year? 

Each basic and standard subscription has a one-year validity period and is renewable several times. Depending on the contract we have with the company in question, enterprise subscriptions might continue longer.

If you don't renew your subscription, you'll unfortunately lose access to your website. We will send you your website's data via email and transfer all remaining funds in our possession to you before taking your website offline and deleting your professional email(s) and Google business profile.

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